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“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I
had no words for.” (Georgia O’Keeffe)

Delicacy and elegance, brilliance, and harmony: these are the characteristics of the contemporary
Japanese artist Tomo’s works. The canvas is illuminated by light colors such as white, beige, and grey.
The titles are inspired by natural elements that Tomo observes with curiosity and wonder during her days.
In “Beach” (2022, mixed media on canvas) wavy brushstrokes suggest the movement of the waves
breaking on the shore, wetting the sand. The calm sea conveys peace, serenity, and the desire to dream
big. “Flame” (2022, mixed media on canvas) is the metaphor of the fire that burns in us: it allows us to
have the right energy to develop brilliant ideas, reach the set goals, have the strength to face the
challenges without fear. “The Sound of Waves” (2022, mixed media on canvas) brings us immediately in
front of an infinite expanse of water illuminated by the moon. When the sun sets and makes room for
darkness, the sea begins to make its voice heard. It speaks to us, tells its story and is ready to listen to
ours. Tomo’s works are tales of her deep inner world in which thoughts and emotions come to life thanks to color.
Look at her paintings, get to know the artist’s universe and let your feelings get the better of rationality.

Art Curator Camilla Gilardi


大きな 「Flame” (2022年、ミクストメディア、キャンバス) は、私たちの中で燃え上がる火の比喩です。
臆することなく挑戦する力を与えてくれます。「波の音” (2022年、ミクストメディア、キャンバス)は、私たちをすぐに無限に広がる波の音に導いてくれます。

アートキュレーター カミラ・ジラルディ