Art Series List

“hotori” series

“hotori” series
Standing by the pond, you know that every moment is special.
Ponds where it rains, ponds where the sun shines, ponds where the moonlight shines.
Many of these works can be painted only in Japan, where you can feel the four seasons.
Spring, when the flowers are in full bloom, is beautiful, but the pond tells us that the season of autumn and winter, when the leaves change colors, is precious.

“neiro” series

“neiro” is a series that expresses the color of sound.
There are beautiful landscapes that cannot be described in words.
There are words that impress us from the bottom of our hearts.
The “neiro” series expresses the sounds we feel at such times with Japanese colors.
It is not all about what can be seen, but it is about the meaning of thinking about the essence beyond what can be seen, without being deceived by what can be seen.

“ichirin” series

There are people who have reasons for not being able to decorate with flowers.
I am one of them. In my case, I do not display flowers for my beloved cats.
It is said that there are more than 700 species of plants that are dangerous for cats.
There are others who cannot decorate with flowers because of allergies.
Some people are in a situation where they cannot easily go out to buy flowers. However, decorating with flowers brings a sense of relaxation, just like reading a book or enjoying a cup of tea.
I created the “ichirin” series with the idea of cherishing such time.

“Gold Line” series

This is one of the abstract paintings in the Gold Line series.
It uses mainly gold and white lines to express emotions in an abstract manner.
The background is a landscape painting.
The lines are harmonized with the landscape to show the emotional highs and lows of seeing a great view and the serenity of the scene.

“Flower” series

Mountains and a sea of clouds are depicted against a background of blooming flowers.
Both the flowers and the background are harmonized with similar colors, without being overpowering.
This expresses that both the view from the high mountains and the flowers blooming at one’s feet are beautiful.
I want to convey through art that while it is precious to have aspirations, happiness is also within reach.


In this series, we express “unrefined beauty”.
There is a splendor in old houses and vintage furniture that is not found in new things.
In Japan, this is expressed as “wabi-sabi.
It is perfect to hang a painting on a beautiful wall in a new home.
However, by decorating with art that dares to retain its simplicity and imperfection, I want people to get a “kick out of letting go of perfection”.